Viertelton Orchester


The Viertelton Orchestra (quarter tone orchestra) was established in the German province of Dresden (2018) under the conduction of the Syrian musician Obeid Alyousef. The idea of the Viertelton Orchestra aims at forming an ensemble which plays oriental music within the European classical orchestral and the European harmony Concepts. Secondly, the goal of this orchestra is to republish the oriental musical education in a manner that complies with the European musical instruments and their sound potentials and capabilities, the thing that permits to bridge the gap between the European culture and the diverse cultures around the world. Moreover, it creates new visions for the oriental music.
By presenting the oriental music in a fathomable and smooth style, we aim to facilitate the understanding of the education of oriental music and enable access to it among the international music.

The orchestra performs practical workshops and experiments regarding the multitude of sounds and harmonizing the oriental quarter tones that count as an important part of oriental music, in an attempt to present it to listeners from all cultures. This promotes the unity between the eastern and western music and enables the audience to observe the diverse musical cultures more widely.

The orchestra consists of Arabic, European and musicians from different cultures which leads to create a new soul and a new sound perception in oriental music.

The orchestra targets open-minded musicians to perform the oriental music, the modern and the public ones in the framework of an orchestra. It targets also German audience through concerts and the available workshops in order to be familiar with the eastern music.

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